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EDMG 515 Hazard Mitigation and Resilient Communities

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EDMG 515 Hazard Mitigation and Resilient Communities is a graduate course that provides an overview of what is known about natural hazards, disaster, recovery and mitigation, how research findings have been translated into policies and programs and a sustainable hazard mitigation research agenda. The course also provides an examination of past disaster losses and hazards management over the past years. Successful completion of EDMG 515 Hazard Mitigation and Resilient Communities course will enable students to; demonstrate proficiency in the use of selected research methods and tools; describe and examine the differences between hazards and mitigation efforts; accomplish specific research tasks like hypothesis, construction, conceptualization terms, data collection, communication findings, and critical analysis; evaluate data and critically assess research findings of local and federal emergency management in disaster mitigation; recognize and implement techniques for hazard mitigation to ensure resiliency in communities, and show graduate-level critical thinking and writing.

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