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COMM 400 Persuasive Communication

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Persuasive Communication means, when someone is trying to convince something to another individual via communication. The only purpose of persuasive communication is to get support from readers and listeners, believe, and act in favor of the presenter's perspective. It can change the attitude towards social behavior. In this COMM 400 Persuasive Communication course, students will learn the history, the impact of the audience to the message, principle of argumentation, application of real situations, and message. During the course, students can develop their connection between politics, marketing, mass media, organization, public relation, advertising, and many more.

COMM 400 Persuasive Communication is must learn as it will help you in your career. You will experience positive outcomes in your ways like you can increase your sales and market by using this power. The course covers numerous topics, such as, communication research skills, communication theory, intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, communication and gender, and many more.

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