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  • Valuation of Assets
  • Calculation for Goodwill

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The assignment is concerned with the acquisition of business. Under this assignment, our experts have prepared both the word file and the PPT presentation as per the requirement of the student. In Part A, we have discussed about the Sharp photographic that is looking forward to acquire the business of Farmers and son and developer & co. In order to do this the company has made the certain estimations of the assets and liabilities of the company. Our experts have provided the necessary calculation for this part and attached a table which shows the calculations of the net assets of developers & co. In the Part B of this assignment we have calculated the amount of goodwill for which we have again provided a table to show the calculation of the net assets of Farmer & son. Below this, the calculation table has been attached to show the net assets of Developers & co. along with the table showing the valuation of assets and liabilities.

Below these tables, journal entries have been written in the proper format and table form in the books of Sharp photographic. All the calculations have been done by using the appropriate formulas and format. The tables are well organized in order to develop the complete understanding. Moreover, our experts have provided the list of useful references to render the origin of information which is needed to justify the assignment. Apart from this, we have made a PPT presentation based on the acquisition of business in which we have written about the needs for the amalgamation or absorption, facts related to the case, selling price desired by the Farmer & son, amalgamation, types of merger, acquisition, type of acquisition, purchase consideration and types of different amalgamation from accounting view. We have written the topics into different slides so as to make it presentable and understandable.

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