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Computer programming is known how to create a sequence of instructions using a certain Computer Programming Language so as to enable the computer to perform the specified task. It entails writing software's encompassing processes, procedures and creating algorithms. It includes a sequential list of instructions which is known as the source code is created, maintained and debugged from time to time.

A program is nothing but a series of instruction sent by the Central Processing Unit of a Computer so that it carries out a particular task. This series of instruction needs to be written in a language which can be comprehended by us. These languages are called source codes and compute programming teaches students to develop them. It is a science of writing, developing and creating a perfect code. It forms the basis of any software development as software is nothing but a collection of computer programs and other data.

The most common programming languages used across the globe are Java, CC++, Python, PHP, Perl and Ruby. Notably, the underlying structure of any programming language is same, what differentiates one from the other is the syntax. Computer programming finds wide spread applications across commercial and on commercial uses. MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc., are some of the most commonly used computer programs which have been created to carry out a certain task or solve a certain problem. Computer programs are written for developing graphics and in special effects in movies, in mobile phones as well as in the medical field.

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Many a times students struggle to complete the computer programming assignments and the reasons are many

  • Lack of basic foundation - Students may not have a strong base of computer science and computer arithmetic and hence may find it difficult to learn languages and write codes and ultimately software.
  • Learning a specific language:-Programming aspect includes writing the task in a algorithm format and using the specific languages to make the computer perform a certain task or solve a certain problem. It has also been common that students have mind blocks against learning computer programming which makes learning for them all the more difficult.
  • Lack of practice in terms of actually implementing the theories taught in class. A subject like this can only be learnt by way of lot of practice. It is imperative if a student wishes to master any language.

Some of the common mistakes which computer programmers make during the course of writing a program include:

  • Compiler error messages
  • Making complex controls
  • Debugging
  • Designing a Program
  • Balancing between open and close source
  • Overdependence on Frameworks

A few things which a student needs to keep in mind while completing a computer programming assignment is listed below

  • Give a proper introduction of the assignment at hand, the problem to be addressed etc.
  • Students could refer to textbook or Internet sources to understand how the problem is to be addressed. The planning stage is very important here.Upon arriving at a solution check if the program passes the critical test case. If the output is correct it would mean that you are heading in the right direction.
  • Testing a code is crucial as testing regularly is easier and less time consuming. Testing a large program would make it all the more difficult to spot the error and then rectify it.
  • It is a good habit to leave comments next to the codes for future reference.
  • Finally a descriptive analysis of the code needs to be given.
  • Understand the time commitment: To master computer programming, students need to understand that it requires tremendous practice to apply the theoretical knowledge of the subject onto a problem. Therefore the work on such assignments should be commenced as soon as possible as, at least initially; the students would have to invest a lot of time in getting the assignment right.

Students would do well to know that online assignments help is easily available and seeking help in this manner might actually go a long way in getting a firm grip on the subject and learning to master it.

  • Qualified computer programming experts, specializing in specific languages are there to help students complete their assignments.
  • Students could look up online sources which have sample assignments and solution to practice the practical implementation of various facets of the domain.
  • On their way towards arriving at a solution, if they find themselves stuck at some point, they have easy access to mentors who are available online and can guide them to proceed smoothly.
  • The scope of online tutoring has expanded to readymade tutorials, video class recordings as well as 24x7 assistance.

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